Welcome to Axe Valley Dog Training based in East Devon, the No.1 choice for pet owners, just like you, who are seeking a certified Puppy & Dog Trainer and proven results.

We’re now offering all of our Workshops, 1:1 Training Packages and regular Puppy Classes online - so now, you can train your dog from the comfort of your lounge, garden, or anywhere with an internet connection!

Rest-assured that training your dog online is just as fast, fun and effective as in-person training; there is very little that cannot be delivered online whilst achieving the same phenomenal results!


We are now offering our most popular Dog Training Packages Online! 

As well as your video sessions with our Trainer, you'll receive ongoing email and telephone support and
sanity-saving advice sheets throughout your training package.
1:1 Silver Training
2 x 1 Hour Sessions (delivered online)

Our Client's achieve:
  • ​Focus and attention
  • ​A reliable ‘Sit’ & ‘Down’ position to voice cue
  • ​Good House Training
  • ​Prevention or tackling of Puppy Biting
  • ​Appropriate play


1:1 Gold Training
3 x 1 Hour Sessions (delivered online)

Our Client's achieve:
  • ​Great focus and attention
  • ​A reliable ‘Sit’, ‘Down’ & ‘Stand’ position with voice cue
  • ​A solid ‘Settle’… perfect for pubs and cafes!
  • ​A ‘Leave It’ & ‘Drop It’ cue
  • ​Prevention or resolution of jumping up behaviours
  • ​A stable ‘Stay/Wait’
  • ​Good House Training (puppies)
  • ​Appropriate play


1:1 Diamond Training
5 x 1 Hour Sessions (delivered online)

Our Clients achieve:
  • ​Great focus and attention
  • ​A reliable ‘Sit’, ‘Down’ & ‘Stand’ position with voice cue
  • ​Super-fast, reliable recall… even around distractions!
  • ​Beautiful on-lead walking
  • ​A solid ‘Settle’… perfect for pubs and cafes!
  • ​A ‘Leave It’ & ‘Drop It’ cue
  • ​Prevention or resolution of jumping up behaviours
  • ​A stable ‘Stay/Wait’
  • ​Good House Training (puppies)
  • ​Prevention or tackling of mouthing/biting
  • ​Appropriate play and clever tricks!


What Our Clients Say...

“Davey is a wonderful trainer, calm, thoughtful and always looking for the right solution for the individual dog (and people!). We can't recommend highly enough!"

"We've been working with Davey over a few one-to-one sessions and it is the most rewarding dog training we have done. We all learn so much and it is quite unbelievable how quickly our boy picks up new things! The reactiveness is decreasing and we will keep working on that. Meantime, we are learning to be calmer as well as all kinds of lovely things that continue to build on our human-dog relationship. 
Thank you Davey!"

Online Puppy Training Classes 
We’re now offering our top-rated Puppy Classes online!

Our training is fun, fast and effective, and is purposefully designed to teach you the basic obedience, 
as well as a broad range of life-skills training, that will give your puppy great foundations for life.

The benefit of our online classes is that you can start immediately - 
there's no waiting for vaccinations or for a place to be available in our sell-out classes!

You and your puppy will learn:
  • ​​A ‘Sit’, ‘Down’ & ‘Stand’ position, to voice cue
  • ​​Reliable recall… even around distractions!
  • ​Loose lead walking
  • ​A ‘Settle Down’
  • ​A ‘Leave It’ & ‘Drop It’ cue
  • ​​​Appropriate play and clever tricks!
  • ​Prevention or resolution of jumping up behaviours
  • ​A stable ‘Stay/Wait’
  • ​​Good House Training Habits
  • ​​Nutrition advice
  • ​​Prevention or tackling of Puppy Biting
  • ​And much more!

Your investment to join Devon's most-loved Online Puppy Training Classes is just £80

How Our Online Training Packages Work...
1. Book
Schedule your FREE consultation call below this section, at a time to suit you, and we'll give you a call to chat through your needs. 
You'll be asked to complete a brief few questions so that we know how best to help your puppy or dog. 
2. Chat
During our consultation call, we'll get to know you and your pup a little better, 
and advise you of the best online training option to achieve exactly what you'd like to.
3. Train
You'll receive a confirmation, invoice and all the details you need to access your training session using video and audio. 
Our Head Trainer, Davey, will guide you through the simple process.
To get started, book a FREE 1:1 Consultation Call now 
to discuss your training needs...
Certified Trainer
Fully Insured
Recommended by Vets
Meet our Head Trainer
Axe Valley Dog Training are the go-to Dog Trainers in East Devon for positive, reward-based clicker training. We take true pride in being able to show off your dog's skills using this great and simple tool, and we can guarantee that your dog will love every second of it!

Our team has a wealth of knowledge and experience on how to help pet owners create beautiful behaviour and long-lasting training, from tiny pups through to troubled teens and beyond.

Our Head Trainer, Davey Atkinson, is a Terrier specialist with a particular fondness for the Artful Dodgers of the dog world(!): Jack Russells. 

Davey was handpicked by famous Clinical Animal Behaviourist and Trainer, Sarah Whitehead (BA, MSc), to join her team of Licensed trainers in the Clever Dog Company Method. With a wealth of experience, and both theoretical and practical accredited qualifications in Canine Behaviour and Training, you can rest assured that you and your dog are in the best hands. 

We can't wait to train with you online, and help you to get fast, effective and lifelong results...

Our Commitment to You...
We're confident that you'll love online training with Axe Valley Dog Training!

Due to the current pandemic, we believe that outdoor and video sessions are safest, and assure clients that there is very little training that cannot be carried out in this way, with the same phenomenal results.  

However, we recognise that online training may be a little different for some of our clients, so, if for any reason you aren't able to continue with online training, we will reschedule to an in-person date when this is possible. 

As a small business, training online helps us to survive what is a very difficult and uncertain time, and your support is hugely appreciated.


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